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Our Educational Offerings:

Basic Boating Class Navigation and Seamanship Seminars On-the-Water Training


Houston Sail and Power Squadron offers the Boat Operator’s Certification Program. It is a special program for USPS members that will certify their skills at various levels of recreational boating proficiency.  Each skill level has a specific set of requirements that include:

  • USPS Courses
  • USPS University Seminars
  • On-the-water skill demonstrations

To be certified, a member must be at least 16 years of age, be mentally and physically capable of operating a boat, and have sufficient visual and auditory sensory ability to do so. Holding a driver’s license will suffice to certify meeting these requirements.

There are four levels of certification:

  • Inland Navigator
  • Coastal Navigator
  • Advanced Coastal Navigator
  • Offshore Navigator (under development)

Use the PayPal button below to purchase your starter kit for each level.

BOC level starter kit

For more information, contact Scott McDonald [email protected]