About HSPS

Welcome to Houston Sail and Power Squadron (HSPS) where boating is fun… we’ll show you how.


United States Power Squadrons and HSPS offer power and sail boating classroom courses plus on-the-water training, boat operator certification, vessel safety checks, and FUN!

The HOUSTON SAIL AND POWER SQUADRON is a non-profit, fraternal boating organization dedicated to educating the public in safe boating practices and furthering the safe and responsible enjoyment of both power boating and sailing on our waters. Members participate in various organized recreational activities such as cruises, rendezvous, picnics, and dinner meetings, as well as additional volunteer civic activities such as Cooperative Charting and voluntary Vessel Safety Inspections of boats owned by the public.

Check out our public Facebook page or view the video of a recent dinner meeting on our Facebook member page (Smart Boater).

  • Current Bylaws, approved and effective May 13, 2011, can be downloaded to your computer. If a member wishes a printed copy to be provided at squadron expense, contact Bob Stevenson at 281-993-4288.
  • 2013 to 2014 watch year’s Roster is in the SailAngle HSPS Group File Cabinet – General Folder.
  • To Login to SailAngle, go HERE.
  • SailAngle HSPS Group File Cabinet is HERE. This link takes you to the File Cabinet page on SailAngle if you have logged in. Click on the General folder in the File Cabinet. This will give you a list of files in the General folder, including the Roster. Click on the word Download for the file you wish to view and the PDF file will open. You can then save it to your computer for viewing on need, or just print it.
  • Current and previous Bay Neighs are HERE
  • Current officers
Commander Scott McDonald
Executive Officer Red Wilson red2
Squadron Educational Officer Robert Campbell photo here
Secretary Claire McDonald claire 4 x4
Treasurer Kathy Fussell photo here