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About Us

Read about United States Power Squadrons and what it does HERE or view this VIDEO.

Read about our District 21, what it includes, where its component squadrons are located, and how it fits in between the national organization and the local squadrons HERE.

Read about our squadron and what we do HERE.

Here are our main squadron Contacts for various topics

  • Education questions – Bob Stevenson seobobstev@gmail.com 832-570-3663
  • Membership questions – Claire McDonald mdonald@stthom.edu
  • Event questions and RSVPs – George Crowl George.H.Crowl@gmail.com 832-467-1998
  • Newsletter (Bay Neigh) questions – Jana Wesson beakboatgirl@me.com
  • General USPS or HSPS questions – Scott McDonald scottdmcdonald@comcast.net 713-303-8049
  • Scout activities questions – Chris Leavitt leavitt10@yahoo.com 713-517-2204
  • Cooperative Charting questions – George Crowl george.h.crowl@gmail.com
  • Website questions – Bob Stevenson rstevenson2@comcast.net 281-993-4288

If you wish to mail something to us, send it to:

Houston Sail and Power Squadron
6910 Bellaire Blvd. #15
Houston, TX 77074

HERE is a map to our building.

For membership information, go HERE.


Our most current roster of members is always available only to Members on Sail Angle, in the HSPS File Cabinet, General folder. The link to log onto Sail Angle is on the Home page and HERE.

Cooperative Charting.

Our members participate in this program to help the National Ocean Service keep marine navigational charts up to date. For information on the program, go HERE.

Merit Marks.

Members can obtain only one tangible thing as a reward for what they do to help other members, the public and the squadron. For an explanation of Merit Marks, go HERE. Criteria are HERE.

Squadron members have fun in a lot of different ways. To see photos of some of those ways, go HERE.

Our squadron has received goods or services from a variety of sponsors. To see who has helped, go HERE.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions and a long list of links to other websites with useful information for the boating community, go HERE.

Here are our squadron Bylaws.

Current officers

Commander Scott McDonald
Executive Officer Luanne Novak  
Administrative Officer George Crowl

Squadron Educational Officer Bob Stevenson Bob2
Secretary Kyli Doucette
Treasurer Phyllis Stendebach