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Houston Sail and Power Squadron, Inc.
6910 Bellaire Blvd No. 15
Houston, TX 77074
(Enter through back door)
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The HOUSTON SAIL AND POWER SQUADRON is a non-profit, fraternal boating organization dedicated to educating the public in safe boating practices and furthering the safe and responsible enjoyment of both power boating and sailing on our waters. Members participate in various organized recreational activities such as cruises, rendezvous, picnics, and dinner meetings, as well as additional volunteer civic activities such as Cooperative Charting and voluntary Vessel Safety Inspections of boats owned by the public.

United States Power Squadrons and HSPS offer:
public safe power boating and sail boating classes
boat safety
boat operator certification
boating classes
Vessel Safety Inspection
Vessel Safety Check
and FUN!
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