Houston Sail and Power Squadron (HSPS), a unit of the

United States Power Squadrons® (USPS)


Benefits of Membership

  1. Continue Boating Education. Enhance YOUR Boating and Navigation Skills.
    • Advanced Grade Courses:


1.      Seamanship � 11 weeks

Covers: Skipper Responsibilities, Marlinespike and Splicing, Normal and Adverse conditions, Emergencies and Nautical Etiquette.


2.      Piloting � 11 weeks

Covers: Charts and Aids to Navigation, Mariners Compass, Plotting and Steering Courses and Dead Reckoning.


3.      Advanced Piloting � 17 weeks

Covers: Advanced Positioning Techniques, Effect of Tides and Currents on YOUR boat, Use of Bearings and Electronic Navigation.


4.      Junior Navigation � 28 weeks

Covers: How to use a Sextant and Offshore Navigation.


5.      Navigation � 28 weeks

Covers: Advanced Navigation Techniques.



1.      Cruise Planning � 7 weeks.

2.      Engine Maintenance � 12 weeks.

3.      Marine Electronics � 13 weeks.

4.      Weather � 17 weeks.

5.      Sail � 10 weeks.

6.      Instructor Qualification � 7 weeks.



More than two dozen self study courses on such subjects as Water Sports, Boat Insurance, Oceanography, Introduction to Sailing, Radar, Preparation for Coast Guard Licensing, and much more.


  1. Fun!!!
    • Cruises and Rendezvous.
    • Navigation Contests and Fishing Tournaments.
    • Networking with other boaters
    • Monthly Dinner Meetings (often with marine programs).
    • Monthly Executive Board Meetings.
    • Both District and National Meetings.


  1. Civic Service (Also Fun)



  1. Reduced Boat Insurance Cost.



  1. Visa/Affinity Card with NO annual fee.


  1. The US Power Squadron is a non-profit (501C(3)) Organization. Expenses may be deductible.


  1. Reduced cost for membership in Boat U.S.



  1. Subscription to USPS� monthly magazine, The Ensign.


  1. Subscription to the Houston Sail and Power Squadron�s monthly newsletter, The Bay Neigh.


10. USPS has some 60,000 members organized into 450 squadrons across the country and in some US territories. USPS is the world�s largest non-profit boating organization and has been honored by three US Presidents for its civic contributions. HSPS has been honored at the District and National level on numerous occasions for its educational and civic contributions. HSPS is an organization dedicated to making boating safer and more FUN!



For more information on our public boating course, call 713-773-BOAT or visit

our website at uspshouston.org