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For help, call Bob Stevenson 281-993-4288.

To purchase membership, use the appropriate option in the Add to Cart button below.

Membership types

Not all Houston Sail and Power Squadron courses for which buttons are available below are taught each semester. See the appropriate page on this website for actual schedules.

Tuition for courses is purchased separately from Course Materials
Materials are priced including shipping & handling, and include sales tax.
The books for every course except the Basic Boating Course are mandatory to participate in the course. However, books may be shared among family members. It is difficult to share the book for some courses. Check with the instructor.
Basic Boating  Course

Home Port class dates


Texas Marine class dates


Ron Hoover class dates

North Houston

Rinker’s class dates

TPWD certification

Pay for up to 2 books at once

Optional basic boating book

Boat Operator Certification (BOC)

BOC level starter kit

See the Seminars page for online seminar offerings by United States Power Squadrons.

Total Classroom Seminar price

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Practical On The Water Training tuition is handled separately. See our web page on that for information and how to sign up.

Practical On The Water mat’ls

Seamanship Course

Seamanship tuition – Members includes Apprentices

Seamanship mat’ls mbr & non-mbr

Piloting Course

Piloting tuition – Members includes Apprentices.

Piloting Materials

The Materials above are required. You must also have plotting materials (tools) to use in the Piloting course, but you don’t have to buy them from us.

Plotting materials

Advanced Piloting Course

Adv Piloting tuition – Members includes Apprentices.

Adv Piloting mat’ls mbr or non-mbr

Purchase if these were not obtained in Piloting course

Optional AP materials

Junior Navigation Course

Jr Navigation tuition – Members includes Apprentices.

Jr Nav mat’ls

Navigation Course

Navigation tuition – Members includes Apprentices.

Navigation mat’ls

Marine Communication Systems Course

Marine Comm Systems tuition – Members includes Apprentices.

MCS mat’ls

Marine Engine Maintenance Course

MEM tuition – Members includes Apprentices.

MEM mat’ls

Marine Electrical Systems Course

MES tuition – Members includes Apprentices.

MES mat’ls

Sail Course

Sail tuition – Members includes Apprentices.

Sail mat’ls mbr & non-mbr

Cruising & Cruise Planning Course

C&CP tuition

Cruising & Cruise Planning mat’ls

Weather Course

Weather tuition – Members includes Apprentices.

Weather mat’ls

Electronic Navigation Course

Electronic Nav tuition – Members includes Apprentices.

Electronic Navigation mat’ls