FAQs and Links

Frequently Asked Questions about the Houston Sail and Power Squadron are here, as are a large set of links to other websites with useful information for the boating community.

Q. Why should I take a class? I’ve been boating for years.
A. Imagine what our roadways would be like if no one had to learn the rules of the road before driving. If you’ve never had a class you may be a hazard to yourself and others on the water. 40% of Texas boating fatalities involved people who had no formal training.

Take the short, sample Texas boating regulations quiz to see some of the reasons why we say, “Take a class!”

Or test yourself with Are you Boat Smart? on basic boating safety.

If you’ve been boating for a while, try our selected Seamanship questions.

Q. Can I come to one of your events without being a member?
A. Yes. See the list on the Calendar and contact the .


Below are links to some useful websites for boaters and parents:

  • Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
  • Website for senior boaters and boating educators
  • Download and print a Float Plan then give it to someone staying on shore
  • Download and print a pre-departure checklist from BoatSafe.com
  • PDF format Nautical chart booklets from NOAA to print
  • Charting products such as raster and vector nautical charts for computers and chartplotters plus paper charts on demand, Coast Pilot and other products from NOAA
  • Co-op Charting info and instructions
  • CCWeb
  • Houston Safe Boating Council
  • USCG Rescue 21
  • Local Notices to Mariners
  • NOAA Weather information
  • WaveWatch Gulf of Mexico forecast model
  • NOAA tide information
  • NOAA current information for Galveston Bay area
  • U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary site
  • Galveston Corps of Engineers
  • Galveston Bay Sail and Power Squadron
  • FCC licensing site
  • General Safe Boating site
  • Comprehensive tips on water safety
  • Pool Safety Toolkit
  • Lifeguard Skills for Pool Owners
  • Swimming Safety Tips
  • Parent’s Guide to First Aid
  • Guidance for Pool & Spa Safety (Consumer Product Safety Commis.)
  • Pool Safety Products
  • National Water Safety Congress
  • National Safe Boating Council
  • Miscellaneous boating info and links from Commander Bob
  • Kid water safety info and activities – links from around the world
  • On the water lifestyle site
  • Donate your boat
  • Kayaks
  • Drive on boat lifts to keep your boat out of the water