Houston Sail and Power Squadron

Squadron Departments and Committees



Commander�s Department � The Commander is the principal officer of the squadron. The Commander assumes the ultimate responsibility for leadership and management of the squadron as outlined in the Bylaws of the Squadron and USPS


Flag Lieutenant is the selected right hand and personal aide to the Commander.


Aides are a select, knowledgeable group of helpers to assist the Commander in any assignment.


Chaplain pronounces invocations and benedictions at meetings of the squadron and is available for advice and counsel to all squadron officers who may require suggestions as to ceremonies, prayers, and other activities in their respective spheres.


Visiting Committee Chair


Merit Mark Committee is responsible for the evaluation and accreditation of information about each squadron member to ensure that appropriate recognition is given.


USPS Educational Foundation (usually the treasure) maintains familiarity with the USPS Educational Fund and keeps the membership informed of its operation.


Facilities Committee is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and readiness of the squadron�s property.


Fleet Captain keeps boat-owning members apprised of information related to boating and local waterways. He/she may also be tasked with coordinating fleet activities outside the purview of the Boating Activities Committee.


Flag and Etiquette is responsible for informing members about the proper placement and display of the various flags (ensigns, pennants, burgees) used in squadron functions and displayed on vessels. The committee also serves as a resource to the membership regarding the proper etiquette to be followed at various functions.


Communications Committee Chair (Telephone Calling) contacts squadron members (via phone or e-mail) and informing them (about menu, cost, location, and dress) of upcoming monthly general meetings and other events of special interest.



Executive Department � The Executive Officer is responsible for all the �external affairs� of the squadron and is a member, ex-officio, of all the committees of the Executive Department.


Boat Show Committee distributes prepared material to present USPS�s civic service properly and adequately to the general public at boat shows, fairs and other functions and schedules personnel to staff the booth.


Radio Technical Officer members should have a broad technical background in maritime electronic systems, including telecommunications.


Squadron Liaison Committee acts as liaison with public agencies and departments excepting those which are the responsibilities of other committees. The duties of this committee are restricted to matters of local concern.��


Public Relations Committee has the two fold task of publicizing the dates and locations of boating courses and to implement a public relations program to increase awareness of the contributions of the squadron and USPS to boating safety and education.


Safety Officer is selected on the basis of interest in marine or industrial safety. The Safety Committee promotes National Safe Boating Week as well as providing information to the public regarding safe boating practices throughout the year.


Vessel Safety Check (VSC) Chair involves the training of new Vessel Examiners and support for qualified, existing Vessel Examiners. The Vessel Safety Check program is intended to serve as a "prevention through education, outreach and volunteer compliance" activity and to help recreational boaters gain a respect for the boating environment as a result of the Vessel Safety Check encounter.


Co-operative Charting is to coordinate cooperative charting activities within the squadron and with other squadrons.


Speaker�s Bureau arranges for a squadron speaker for a public event when requested by that public organization.


Legislative Committee monitors and reviews enacted or proposed legislative matters affecting boating in the squadron area in order to keep the commander and membership informed.








Education Department � The Squadron Educational Officer (SEO) shall manage all the educational activities of the squadron including the Public Boating Course and the entire membership educational curriculum.


A description of the classes offered is provided by the SEO before the start of each semester's classes. The upcoming/current class schedule is provided to the squadron Webmaster for posting on the Website.


Assistant Educational Officer assists the SEO as directed.


Local Boards Chairs for Boating, Advance Grades, and Elective Courses are responsible for the squadron instruction and examinations in their respective fields.


Class Chair is responsible for seeing classes are conducted in an orderly manner, the review of assigned homework, and the preparation of the class for examination.


Teaching Aides Chair is responsible for constructing and maintaining teaching aids for the various courses and for arranging to exhibit those aids deemed proper for this purpose at District and National meetings.


Supplemental Programs Chair is responsible for the promotion and teaching of Supplemental Programs.



Administrative Department - The Administrative Officer is responsible for all the �internal affairs� of the squadron and is a member, ex-officio, of all the committees of the Administrative Department.


Membership and Membership Involvement is concerned with the acquisition and retention of new members. The Chair is also responsible for leading the squadron membership in developing and implementing ways of involving squadron members in squadron activities.


Arrangements Chair is responsible for the selection of meeting places and the requirements for the conducting of the meetings (for example, size of table, number of seats, etc.).


Program Chair arranges for speakers and other "program" elements of squadron meetings.


Squadron Photographer is responsible for taking pictures of various squadron functions and rendezvous. Selected photographs will be used in the Bay Neigh, on the squadron website, and part of the squadron�s history.


Operations Training is a management tool, which offers members the opportunity to learn about the workings of USPS, including the relationship among squadrons, districts and the national organization.


Attendance Committee greets arriving members and guests at meetings and verifies reservations.


Squadron Flags Officer is responsible for the care, delivery to meetings, set up, and return to Home Port of all squadron flags and burgees used during various squadron activities and meetings.


Cruise and Rendezvous Chair (Boating Activities) is responsible for coordinating the planning and implementation of the squadron�s various boating activity programs.



Secretary�s Department


Historian is a custodian of all minutes of past meetings. He or she preserves the non-current material of historical value regarding the squadron.


Roster is responsible for keeping the roster information up-to-date and accurate (name, address, grade & courses, telephone/fax/e-mail, family and boat) for all current members.


Mailing Committee handles the monthly Bay Neigh newsletter mail-out plus any special event mailings.


Webmaster is responsible for the completeness, timeliness, appearance, and propriety of the content of the squadron website. The Webmaster also arranges for hosting the website and maintains the domain name current.


Bay Neigh Editor prepares the squadron newsletter, which informs all members and others within the District about upcoming and past squadron activities and other items of interest to the members.


The Ensign Correspondent is responsible for originating, soliciting and forwarding to the Ensign Editor articles of newsworthy squadron activities and other information of national interest.


Graphic Arts Chair prepares course certificates of completion for the Education Department and such other material as is needed on a special case basis.



Treasurer�s Department � The Treasurer is responsible for accurate financial reports and records for policy guidance for the solvent operation of activities of the squadron.


Budget Committee Chair works with the Treasurer to develop a breakdown of anticipated income and expenses for the fiscal year. The committee reviews past budgets and the success or failure of operating within those budgets.


Bay Neigh Business Manager promotes the Bay Neigh newsletter to various business organizations and sells advertisement space in the Bay Neigh.


Property Officer maintains an inventory of all squadron properties such as films, audiovisual equipment, flags, teaching aids etc. and their location. A report of such inventory should be made at least once a year to the Executive Committee.


Supply Officer offers at each meeting a selection of logowear, name tags, burgees, ensigns, insignia, etc. for purchase by members.



General Committee�s


Auditing Committee shall consist of three members, one of whom is elected each year. The committee is responsible for auditing the treasurer's records and verifying the financial status of the squadron.


Nominating Committee consists of the last three commanders. The committee weighs the qualifications of members being considered for elective office and nominates candidates.


Rules Committee usually consists of five members elected annually. The committee is responsible for interpreting the bylaws and for ensuring that the Executive Committee does not take action inconsistent with the bylaws or with established squadron and/or USPS policy.



Executive Committee�s


Budget and Finance Committee shall consist of three members, one of whom is elected each year. The committee (works closely with the Treasurer) prepares the budget and in general plans the overall financial affairs of the squadron.


Law Officer should be a member of the bar of the state in which the squadron is located. She/he is concerned with the incorporation of the squadron's compliance with state and local law affecting its activities and disciplinary proceedings.


Planning Committee usually made up of Past Commander�s or Past Lieutenant Commander�s. The committee reports to the Executive Committee projects under study by the committee and prepares recommendations to the membership for acceptance or rejection of projects considered by the committee.


Personnel Committee maintains as completely as possible an inventory of the skills of each member so that these members may be called on for staff positions, chairperson, committee members etc.