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Your March 2005 to 2006 Bridge:

Commander Sanford Manning
Executive Officer Scott McDonald
Squadron Educational Officer John Glaeser
Treasurer Steve Riester
Secretary Bob Stevenson

Come to a meeting or event and meet them.

At this time the following topics are on this page:

1  Donated uniforms available
2  Classes for Members only
3  Making the most of your membership
4  Bay Neigh newsletters

We have received a donation of used USPS uniforms, formerly owned by a Past Squadron Commander.
Many pieces do not have sizes. You can arrange to view and try on these uniforms by contacting Supply Officer Bob Stevenson.
Here are the pieces available:
Dress Blue uniform jacket and pants (unsized)
16-1/2 x 36-37 Dress white shirt
36 waist Dress white pants
Dress white pants (unsized)
White web belt with USPS buckle
2 Dress white shirts (unsized)
16-1/2 Short sleeve white dress shirt
Short sleeve white dress shirt (unsized)

Here is a note on how to get involved

Here are responsibilities of Squadron Departments and Committees

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October Bay Neigh

Here is the planned spring 2006 course schedule.
All courses are taught at Home Port and start at 7:00 p.m.
Please pre-register NOW!
Contact John Glaeser.
Course Day & Regist. Date Book and Tuition
Seamanship Tuesday Feb. 21 $42
Piloting Monday Feb. 20 $68
Advanced Piloting Monday Feb. 20 $53
Jr. Navigation Thursday Feb. 23 $96
Navigation Tuesday Feb. 21 $96
Cruise Planning Thursday Feb. 23 $48
Instructor Development Tuesday Sept. 20 FREE
Sail Tuesday Feb. 21 $54

Amendments to our 1999 Bylaws were approved by the members on July 14, 2004 and then approved by the USPS Committee on Rules on August 12, 2004. Amended Bylaws are available here in MS Word format. Members may request a copy from the HSPS Secretary.


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